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Monday, May 25
"Set in the 1930s, it's a film about the Holocaust. A thought provoking and troubling drama of the relationship between a German and his Jewish friend as the power of the Nazis rises. An interesting example of the dangers and the consequences of naivety in our recent past. Well acted (Viggo Mortensen) and well written."

Monday, May 18
"Amy is an Oscar-winning look at the turbulent life of the talented, modern jazz singer Amy Winehouse. Through a collection of candid personal videos and laced throughout with her music, Amy weaves an engaging and personal look into her life and career. The documentary details her early life in London, told in family videos and interviews with her friends. We are then taken on a back-stage look at the rise of her career with early recording sessions. Her difficulties with fame and addiction are presented in a sensitive and respectful way. Her unique voice is highlighted with footage of performances, and often gives us the inspirations behind her lyrics. In all, Amy offers an in-depth into her personality, her relationships, her career and her downfall. I would recommend Amy to anyone who enjoys music, especially jazz, as well as to those who are interested in what made her tick."

Monday, May 4
"This award winning independent film is a true story of a man, Zanis Lipke, a blue collar worker who was honored as one of the "Righteous Among the Nations" for his heroic deeds during WWII. He saved thousands of local Jews from Nazi persecution and certain death. Powerful and suspenseful!"

Monday, April 27
"I knew this was a classic but I had never seen it. I was prepared to cry (heads up from my daughter!) but I didn't know why; and yes, I did! Such a true tale of small town life with all its challenges and quirky characters and the love of family, not to mention an incredibly young Leonardo DiCaprio!!"