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DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) Statement

At the Joshua Hyde Public Library, we recognize that our patrons come from varying backgrounds and experiences, but that diversity alone does not lead to inclusion. We are committed to taking active steps to create an environment in which the identities and cultural backgrounds of our patrons and employees are valued and respected. We make decisions regarding our collection, programs, and policies that promote a sense of belonging while continuing to embrace our uniqueness as individuals. 

At Joshua Hyde Public Library, we understand that diversity, equity and inclusion are essential to offering our community an intentionally robust and enriching experience. Joshua Hyde Public Library is committed to creating a community in which all patrons can participate in and  contribute to the life of the library, regardless of race, gender, gender identity, class, religion, sexual orientation, or any other aspect of their identity. We are actively working to gain a deeper understanding of our differences, how we honor them in our library, and promote them in our community.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Joshua Hyde Public Library is to provide lifelong learning opportunities to the diverse members of our community. As a cornerstone of the community we provide free and open access to constantly evolving resources, programs, and technology to enrich lives through education, recreation, and connections.

Vision Statement

The Joshua Hyde Public Library is an essential and evolving centerpiece of the community, leading with innovative ideas that meet both individual and community needs. Our diverse physical and virtual resources, along with creative programming, provide opportunities for intellectual and personal growth, as well as social connections and entertainment.

The Library Staff welcomes all patrons with engaged attention, and professional service. The community consistently demonstrates its high regard for the Library and its staff through generous financial and volunteer support, which allows for expanded services, modern technology and increased space.

Accepted versions of both Mission and Vision Statements as of 18 July 2018

Stephen P. Mullen


Joshua Hyde Public Library

Board of Trustees